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I'm Robert Kuechler, manufacturer of high-precision miniature capacitance dilatometer and scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids in Germany.


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The dilatometer

The great advantage of the new type of measuring cells is based on the unique combination of a patented driving technology, the powerful design and the high level of manufacturing quality.

Key features and advantages
+ Small dimensions (diameter 26 mm, width 20 mm, height 23 mm)
+ Extremely high resolution ∆L/L in the region of 10-9 to 10-10
+ Small weight (42 g) and High temperature stability
+ Suitable for very strong magnetic fields (current max. tested field: 30 T)
+ Simple mounting of the sample
+ Robust and long lasting

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Working environment

Our dilatometers can be used in a wide temperature range. A low temperature limit is not known, the dilatometers have been tested and operated down to ultra-low temperature (less than 10 mK). The upper temperature limit is determined by the thermal capability of the insulating pieces of vespel and the used coaxial cables. Up to know, we tested the dilatometers only slightly above room temperature.
To achieve best possible results the dilatometer has to be operated in a slowly flowing inert gas atmosphere, where the dielectric constant of the medium does not change with temperature (e.g. Helium, Nitrogen, clean and dry air, vacuum). The operation in flowing gas inserts or direct liquid gases (Helium) is not recommended.
Our dilatometers have been successfully operated with the commonly used PPMS-system by Quantum Design in Helium-atmosphere, in Helium exchange gas cryostats and in Kelvinox dilution refrigerators by Oxford Instruments in vacuum. For all these systems we offer the matching accessories for suitable mounting.

1. PPMS® (Physical Property Measurement System by Quantum Design)
2. Kelvinox™ Dilution Refrigerator by Oxford Instruments
3. Exchange Gas cryostat

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Compact size Bridgman-type pressure cell

We developed a non-magnetic Bridgman-type pressure cell capable of pressures up to 11 GPa. The cell fits into the PPMS system of Quantum Design, but can also be used in any other cryogenic equipment offering a sample space of more than 26mm in diameter. Due to the use of non-magnetic materials our cell is ideally suited for experiments requiring high magnetic fields.


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Dr. Robert Kuechler
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01309 Dresden (Germany)

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Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids (MPI CPFS), Germany

2001 ~ Current

Research associate

One of the world’s leading experts in the field of thermal expansion and magnetostriction measurements.

2005 ~ Current

Experience of many years in the development of high resolution capacitance dilatometers for measuring thermal expansion and magnetostriction

Own company

to manufacture the today’s best High-precision miniature capacitance dilatometer (Ref: Rev.Sci.Instr.), which can be used for several applications and in a wide temperature range (300 K down to less than 10 mK). The new scientific instrument fabricated by a patent-pended technology proves its value in an increasing number of international research labs.

2011 ~ Current


press release

Change of perspective in the electronic landscape

     Press release (English)
     Press release (German)

June 02, 2014


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